Dolphin Cleaning Service is Coimbatore, Tamilnadu leading indoor hygiene service provider specializing in dry cleaning and sanitizing of mattress, carpet and sofa using specially selected technologies for their innovative cleaning results. When Ever Clean Dolphin Cleaning Service was Start up in 2015, professional house cleaning was almost unheard then. Through broad education and market awareness efforts and equipped with accepted house cleaning system.

Always thorough, consistent & reliable, Dolphin Cleaning Service offers a flexible, affordable and stress-free way to clean your home giving you back the valuable gift of time! Here are some reasons why you should choose Dolphin Cleaning Service for your domestic cleaning..

Together, our team members will thoroughly clean your office or home, still providing you with the special personal touches you would expect from someone you know and trust.We understand and realize the immense trust you place in us when you leave your office and private living spaces in our hands. So, it makes it our foremost obligation to screen and appraise each and every of our cleaning crew members thoroughly before they come on board.

Every team is supervised by a working team leader who not only works to keep employees on task but who double-checks all work for quality assurance. Dolphin Cleaning Service strives to give you a service and an experience you would look forward to, and happily recommend to your family and friends.

The main goal of Dolphin Cleaning Service is to provide our customers with professional service that would exceed all expectations when it comes to quality of service, commitment, and value. Dolphin Cleaning Service provides cleaning service to residential and commercial clients. We have the experience and expertise to get the job done right the first time. Trust our employees to arrive on time and ready to work.

Dolphin Cleaning Service is a residential & Commercial cleaning service dedicated to serving Coimbatore city residents only. We understand the fast paced lifestyle of career professionals and students which is why we provide an affordable alternative to keeping your apartment or condo in tip top shape.


About : Dolphin Cleaning Service

Dolphin Cleaning Service has been providing domestic cleaning services for over Two years, which is why we understand you have very exacting standards and why we offer a house cleaning service that is customised to suit your individual requirements.

We always aim to deliver exceptional quality; we care about our reputation, our clients and staff, our local community and our planet. We achieve this through our people, a group of individuals who work as a team delivering great service, day after day, year are year with pride passion and integrity.

Naturally Clean

The floor, the furniture and even the air you breathe is cleaner and healthier thanks to our highly sophisticated Hydro Cleaning System’s cutting edge technology and nature’s own cleaning solution: water.

Beyond Carpets

We have a wide assortment of cleaning attachments and optional accessories that provide the power and versatility to clean your entire home…including hard surface floors.

Professional Service

All our cleaning teams undergo extensive training on how to clean a home and all the nitty-gritties involved to ensure that you get the best quality clean, each and every time we visit.

We Bring our own Equipment

Vacuum cleaners, dusters, mops, cleaning products, you name it we bring it with us! We test all our products before using them and can provide many certifications we have on our cleaning technology.

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